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Have you noticed a black mold in your house? They are quite easy to identify. The spots are often big and either dark green or black in hue. The smell of black mold is potent and musty. Black mold quickly multiplies and spreads, a few minor blemishes can easily develop into an infestation.

Do you know these spots can gradually damage your residential property apart from giving an ugly look? The only way to protect your home from any threat of mold danger is, get it removed promptly.

Florida Mold Removal Service Group is the quick go-to solution for black mold removal in Destin, Florida. We own a team of experienced and certified professionals who can handle any mold issue. Our years of experience and dedication to quality services have set us apart from the competition.

We accommodate every client with a team of board-certified experts including; senior Mold Analyst, Technical Mold Analyst, Environmental Support Coordinator, and Certified Mold Inspector. This is how we assure of our assistance by providing a groundbreaking solution.

Protect your House by Black Mold Removal Pensacola, Florida

Do you have mold in your house that has reached ducts and HVAC systems? The black molds are hidden and hard to reach; you cannot remove them yourself, even if you know how to remove them. This is the high time you need professional help for 

black mold removal & treatment in Pensacola, Florida.

At Florida Mold Removal Service Group, we offer mold remediation Pensacola FL services in the interior and surrounding neighborhoods. While working in this field for a long time, we have built a positive reputation among our clients in the greater Pensacola area. We strive to provide top-quality and sincere workmanship.

How do we remove black molds?

  • An extensive inspection is the first step in black mold removal. We start with an air quality test or tape testing to confirm a black mold infestation if a visual assessment is not satisfactory
  • If black mold really exists, we start the removal procedure. Our black mold removal firm uses cutting-edge dry fog technology to eradicate, sterilize, and lessen the possibility of further breakouts.
  • Even if the fungus development is considerable, we remove it with our dry fog technology without demolition. The proprietary micron particles bounce around the room for several minutes before dispersing. This certifies every nook and cranny harboring black mold is well treated. The best part of our removal service is, you don’t need to remove any furniture or other items from your home!
  • The last step is to flood your room with Ever Pure, a dry fog that prevents the growth of black mold. Our EPA-approved dry fog technologies are safe to use near your family and pets.

Note: Never try removing black mold on your own. Doing this can further spread the mold spores around your home by aggravating them. And, it can violently make your respiratory issues worse.

We keep you at Bay from Dangers of Mold - Black Mold Treatment Destin, Florida

The Florida Mold Removal Service Group team understands the dangers of black mold. Our technicians are expert in their treatment, and so they use latest technology and equipment to complete the job safely and on time.

Our interior inspection is basically a visual check for mold, humidity, temperature readings, and an inspection of your HVAC system. The later recommendations are made after visual mold inspection and interview results.

After a detailed discussion highlighting the main problem areas, health issues, and legal concerns, our Board-Certified Mold inspector starts the treatment process. A thorough building assessment will check for water entry, exceptional humidity levels, and potential microbial development.

We aim to get you back on track to a cleaner, healthier, and mold-free environment. The complete mold treatment starts with these simple steps.

Our team is experienced in handling all kinds of mold problems, from small leaks to extensive mold growth. We use the latest equipment and techniques to get the job done quickly and effectively. We adhere to safety standards in order to protect your property.

Do you know why Americans are often concerned about black mold remediation in Florida? Because Florida is a hot, humid state with high moisture levels in the air. This creates the perfect environment for mold spores to thrive.

Thus, we are always on the surge of new ways to get permanent freedom from molds that are often the reason behind the dropping sale value, and pale looks of any residential property.

Black Mold Restoration Service – Live as
it Never Happened!

When dealing with black mold, our Florida Mold Removal Service Group team is your best bet. We have rich experience in dealing with this pesky and dangerous substance and can help you get rid of it.

Our team of experienced professionals will efficiently work to remove all traces of black mold from your property. We also offer extensive post-remediation services to help you get your property back to its original condition.

Our professional restoration and cleaning services assure your home is as good as new after we are done with it. If you need black mold restoration services in Destin, Florida, don’t hesitate to call us today! We are here to help you get rid of mold for good.

Our restoration team is trained, certified, insured, and guaranteed to produce successful results.

What do we do in Restoration services?

Demo-Free Mold Removal – Since black molds can cause severe health issues. We offer a demo to perform a free inspection for you. Besides, we can also handle flood damage, big or small, from beginning to end.

Odor Control – We do not just deal with odor but tackle it for good. After thorough sanitizing and cleaning.

We improve your quality of living. Our services offered include;

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Wondering do we serve Commercial places as well? Yes, we do, as black molds can be grown anywhere. For any property in need of certified commercial mold remediation, we provide
our services for;

Wondering do we serve Commercial places as well? Yes, we do, as black molds can be grown anywhere. For any property in need of certified commercial mold remediation, we provide
our services for;

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